Logging in and the dashboard

In this tutorial you will learn how to: 

  • Log in and out of your site.

  • We will go over the layout of your sites Dashboard.

  • Updating your user profile.

  • Switching to the front end and back of your site.

Video Transcript.

Logging in.

The link for you to log in will be sent to you by email when you register your site. Click on that link and when the login page opens, save it as a favourite in your browser. Fill in your details and click on the “Log in” button. This will take you to the dashboard of your site. 

Dashboard layout.

Once you have logged in you will notice two menus. One across the top of the site which is called the Admin bar, and one down the left hand side which is called the tool bar. 


The tool bar is where you will find a comprehensive menu for all the areas of your site. Just hover over a menu listing to see each sub-menu. At the top there is a link to our support area where you can find many more videos like this one.

Admin bar

From left to right across the admin bar you will find firstly a link to any other sites you may have with us. The next link with your site name will take you to the front end of the site. You will notice that the admin bar stays visible from the front end of your site when you are logged in. It is only visible to you and your visitors will never see it. Click on that link again to go back to the dashboard.

The bubble here will show if you have any comments to approve that may have been left by visitors.

Lastly the link on the right hand side will allow you access to your user profile and to log out of the site when you are finished updating it.

Your user profile.

Hover over that link and click on “Edit my profile”. Let’s set up your name. Scroll down until you see the First name, last name and nickname fields. Choose how you’d like your name to display here in the “Display name publicly as” drop-down.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Update profile” to save your settings.

If you like, you can set up a gravatar image by clicking on this link. It isn’t compulsory though.

Site Name

Next let’s change the site name and timezone.

In the Toolbar hover over “Settings” then click on “General” 

The options that we want to change here are your name and tagline. The tagline is a single sentence description of you or your band.

Next up choose the time zone of where you are based. There is one other place we will need to set a time zone and that will be covered in the next video.

Then scroll down to the bottom and click on “Save Changes”.

Logging out.

To log out of your site just hover over the admin bar link and click on “log out”.