Video transcript:

In this video we will go through the process of editing your image gallery. Let’s start by adding some new images to it.

Log into your site then go to the front end of it by clicking this link in the top toolbar. Go to the page that has your image gallery, then click on the page builder link in the top toolbar. The page will then reload in edit mode.

Scroll down to the gallery you want to edit, then click on the spanner icon to open the settings box.

To add some new images to the gallery, click on the Add Photos link which will open your media library. If the image is already in your library you can simply click on it then on the Add to gallery button.

If you want to upload a new image you can do so by either dragging the images onto the page here, or by clicking the select files button, selecting the image file and clicking on the add to gallery button.

You will then have the opportunity to drag the images into the order you want on this page. 

The last step is to make sure you have proper titles and captions for your images. You can see those settings by clicking on an image and they will appear on the right. The caption is what will appear underneath an image and should be descriptive of what the image is about. Titles and Alt-text are very important too. Search engines in particular, love correctly titled images.

Once you are happy with the gallery click on the Update gallery button, save it and then publish the page.

That is the basics of editing your image galleries. Thanks for watching.