Video transcript:

In this video we will go through the process of editing your video gallery or adding one to a page from scratch if needed.

Log into your site then go to the front end of it by clicking this link in the top toolbar. Go to the page that has your video gallery, then click on the page builder link in the top toolbar. The page will then reload in edit mode. 

If you are wanting to add a new video gallery to a page, the module we are using in this example is the UABB Video Gallery and it is found in the Ultimate Addons section here. You can simply drag it into the position on the page that you want.

I’m going to edit an existing one so I’ll scroll down to the gallery, then click on the spanner icon to open the settings box.

To add some new videos to the gallery, click on the Add Video button here which adds the new video to the list. Click the Edit Video link to pop up an options page. 

Select your video type, in this case I’m using Youtube, and paste in the url of the video. Add in a caption for your video here. You can also assign categories to your video if that’s appropriate. I’m going to leave that blank. Lastly, you can add a custom image here for the thumbnail of your video, I’m going with the default one this time. Click the Save button to go back to the gallery options.

You will then have the opportunity to drag the videos into the order by grabbing this handle here and dragging them into position. The other two buttons here allow you to duplicate or delete a video from the list.

Scrolling down the options page, let’s have a look at the next batch of settings.

This drop down here allows you to choose between a grid display or a scrolling carousel. Choosing Carousel will enable another set of specific options below. I’m going to stick with a grid display here. I can change the number of columns in the grid here.

Next up is the aspect ration which is usually 16:9 these days. The Click Action setting allows you to play the video in the page or to pop up a lightbox. At the bottom of this page is where you can enable a filter bar if you have used categories on your videos.

The Style page contains a bunch of settings so rather than get detailed into all of them, let me point out some of the most used ones.

Spacing is the distance between the videos.

You can change the play button here to an icon or to an image if you have an appropriate one.

The other options I’d like to point out here are the Show Caption On Hover and the Caption Colour. Make sure that the colour is one that can be seen clearly over your video. I’m using white here.

Once you are happy with the gallery click on the Save button and then publish the page.

That is the basics of editing your video galleries. Thanks for watching.